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Effective kitchen island seating options

For medium to large kitchens, a kitchen island is one of the most practical and beneficial additions to the space. Available in a range of styles, to suit any kitchen, and a range of shapes and sizes, the kitchen island can be a fantastic option for both homeowners and property developers. The kitchen island can even be used to add kitchen seating. But why is seating important in a kitchen? And what are the effective kitchen island seating options?

Why is kitchen seating so important?

Having seating options in the kitchen is a huge asset for many homeowners. From the breakfast bar, to full kitchen/diner spaces, we love to sit in our kitchens. But fitting in seating isn’t always easy. Especially when you need as much storage and workspace as possible. That’s why the space offered by the kitchen island, can be a great addition. But how can kitchen islands offer seating? Well, here are some ideas.

What are the effective kitchen island seating options?

There are two main seating options for your kitchen island. These include:

  • breakfast bar seating
  • full dining table seating

Breakfast bar seating

One of the most effective kitchen island seating options is the breakfast bar. In a spacious kitchen, the kitchen island tends to be long and narrow. With the spare space on the top, this lends itself perfectly for breakfast bar style seating. This works by using storage options on three sides of the kitchen island, and leaving one side open, with an overhanging work-surface. This overhand creates space to put your legs, when seated, and also allows chairs or bar stools to be tucked under when not in use. Space saving and stylish, this is a great option for larger kitchens.

Full dining seating

On the other hand, if your kitchen is large enough, why not opt for full dining seating? This usually involves the usual kitchen island on three sides, but an extension on the fourth side, into a low level table. This is perfect for a family dining setting, and is incorporated into the kitchen design itself.

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