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Maximising space in a narrow kitchen

Many homes have a long, narrow kitchen space. And designing a kitchen that makes use of this space can be a challenge. Many of the best kitchen design features are generally reserved for larger kitchen spaces, and in a narrow kitchen, you probably wont be using a kitchen island. But this doesn’t mean your kitchen space cant be stylish, attractive and practical. But what are the effective options for maximising space in a narrow kitchen? And how can you be sure to achieve the right results? 

What are the most effective options for maximising space in a narrow kitchen?

If your kitchen is long and thin, you might not think that your kitchen design is important. But you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, the design of your kitchen will make a big difference to the practicalities of your kitchen space. You could consider:

  • An L-Shaped layout- with cabinets lining two connected walls, sharing a corner, the L shaped layout can be beneficial for narrow kitchens. The additional cabinet at the end, to form the L will provide additional storage space than just a single galley kitchen, and it can be a good place to position to the oven or even the sink.
  • A single galley- a single galley kitchen is simply a kitchen with only one row of cabinets and workspaces. This takes up the least room in a long, narrow kitchen, and can be a good use of space.
  • A double galley- if your kitchen is slightly wider, a double galley kitchen could be a good option. This is a kitchen layout option that positions cabinets and work-spaces down both sides of the kitchen, doubling the storage and workspace of the single galley kitchen.

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