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Different options for kitchen breakfast bars

When you think about kitchen breakfast bars, you probably think of the typical worktop extension breakfast bar. But did you know there are a range of other options you could consider? And each of these options brings its own advantages and benefits, depending on the size and layout of your kitchen. So what are the different options for kitchen breakfast bars? And which would be the best option for your kitchen? 

What are the different options for kitchen breakfast bars?

So, what are the options to choose from, when considering a new breakfast bar? Well, there are several, including:

  • Stand alone breakfast bars- these are available to buy completely separate to your kitchen. This means that you can install a breakfast bar along one wall, or alongside your kitchen island. Either way, for small or large kitchens, these bring the biggest flexibility to your seating plan.
  • Extended worktop breakfast bars- by extending the worktop past the counter tops, a clear worktop space is made. And this is perfect for adding bar stools too, to create a breakfast bar. This works well in kitchens that have one longer wall, as it means that the extra space can be utilised.
  • Kitchen island breakfast bars- these are breakfast bars that are part of the design for your kitchen island. This can include drop down bars (bars that are at a lower surface to the kitchen island worktop) or turning a rectangular island into a square island, by adding a breakfast bar to one side. This can be a good use of space in a medium to large sized kitchen.
  • Pull out breakfast bars- these are breakfast bars that pull or slide out from the kitchen worktop, to create a breakfast bar that can be used when needed, and put away when not. This can be a good choice for smaller kitchens.

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