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Are there any disadvantages to a gloss kitchen?

When you are choosing your new kitchen, one of the earliest, and most important decisions you will make will be whether to choose a gloss or matt kitchen finish. Gloss kitchens are synonymous with contemporary style and modern kitchen design. With high gloss surfaces, you can reflect light around your kitchen space, helping to create a lighter and brighter feel to your kitchen. But are there any disadvantages to a gloss kitchen? Well, here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen design professionals. And we provide a range of kitchens, perfect for any home or property. As a result, we have produced this guide to any potential drawbacks of gloss kitchen finishes.

Are there any disadvantages to a gloss kitchen?

Gloss kitchens have a lot of advantages and plus points. But what about their downside? Well, there are some disadvantages to choosing a glossy kitchen, and these include:

  • Closely associated with a particular style- glossy kitchens are closely associated with modern and contemporary design. This means that if you want to create a kitchen that is classic, rustic or traditional, glossy cabinets are not a good fit. And you wont have any future flexibility with the style of your kitchen, once these are installed, unlike matt kitchen cabinets that are more flexible.
  • Frequent cleaning- glossy cabinets reflect the light, but this also means that fingerprints, marks, dirt and scratches show up much more prominently. As a result you will need to clean your cabinet doors frequently, to keep them looking in good condition. Thankfully, these doors can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth, so cleaning is simple and quick.
  • Colour consistency- because glossy kitchens reflect the light, the true colour of the cabinets will not always be consistent, especially in natural light. This can be irritating for some property owners who require a consistent finish regardless of the light available.

Whether gloss kitchens are still the right choice for you, or you’d rather have a matt finish, why not check out our range of kitchens, here at Homematas?