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How to choose new kitchen cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets can make or break your kitchen style. Whether its contemporary, or traditional, your cabinets need to match your theme. Here at Homematas, we are kitchen design experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you choose new kitchen cabinets.

Flat kitchen cabinets

The flat kitchen cabinet has become increasingly popular. Modern, contemporary kitchens that require smooth finishes can make full use of a flat kitchen cabinet. The flat cabinet can be created from a range of materials, adding an additional aspect of personalisation.

With no detail at all, flat cabinets are simplistic and minimalist. There is a focus on straight edges and a clean finish. As a result, the flat kitchen cabinet is perfect for modern or minimalist kitchens.

In addition, the smooth finish of the flat cabinet makes it extremely easy to clean. Consequently, the kitchen cabinets can maintain that “new kitchen look” for longer.

Finally, the flat kitchen cabinet has some of the cheapest options available. This makes it perfect for renovation where the budget is small.

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Inset kitchen cabinets

Nested within the frame of the cabinet, inset kitchen doors are a great choice. With an inch or more overhang from the top of the work-surface, the inset kitchen cabinet is expensive. This is because a lot more work is required to create an inset cabinet. In fact, most of them are bespoke.

There is one downside to inset kitchen cabinets. This is the external, visible hinges on the doors. These hinges can become rusty and stain the doors themselves. As a result, the inset kitchen cabinet is also one of the most high maintenance.

Shaker kitchen cabinets

Simplistic and elegant, the shaker cabinets are named after the Shaker style. This is a simplistic and minimalist design, with no fuss. However, when compared to the flat kitchen cabinets, shaker cabinets are more detailed.

With five pieces to the cabinet system, the shaker cabinet is versatile and popular. It can be used to great effect in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.


In summary

Kitchen cabinets are available in a range of styles and designs. From flat cabinets to shaker cabinets, there are cabinets to suit both contemporary and traditional kitchen styles. Whatever you choose, aim for cabinets that reflect your kitchen theme. Here at Homematas, we have a vast range to suit any style. Why not take a look today?