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Choosing a bathroom layout with fitted storage

If you are redesigning or renovating your bathroom space, you might be trying to decide on an effective bathroom layout, using fitted storage. Fitted storage allows you to increase the amount of storage space in your bathroom, and can often include built-in fixtures, like the sink or toilet. But what should you consider when choosing a bathroom layout with fitted storage? And how can you create the best outcome for your bathroom space?

What are the important considerations for choosing a bathroom layout with fitted storage?

If you’re planning to create a bathroom space, using fitted storage to increase the functionality of the space, there are a number of layout factors to consider. These include:

  • Considering the size and shape of the bathroom
  • Considering the placement of the fixtures
  • Considering the overall aesthetic

The size and shape of the bathroom

One of the first things to take into consideration is the size and shape of your bathroom area. This is because different layouts will benefit different sized bathroom spaces. For example, larger bathrooms can create U shaped or horseshoe shaped bathroom layouts, without making the space feel cramped or small. Larger bathrooms may also have more space for different fitted storage types, like double sink units, and long storage benches. On the other hand, small or compact bathroom spaces can benefit from floor to ceiling cabinets, or corner cabinets, that help use otherwise wasted space. Small bathrooms can also benefit from a galley layout or single wall layout. 

The placement of the fixtures

There are a number of different options when it comes to deciding on the placement of your bathroom fixtures. You will need to consider practicality, and legal requirements. For example, a certain amount of clearance around a shower is a requirement for safety. Beyond the legal requirements, you may decide to keep a more traditional approach with the sink, bath/shower, and toilet all in close proximity, or you may opt for a more contemporary approach, increasing the space between these. 

Consider the overall aesthetic when choosing a bathroom layout with fitted storage

Finally, it’s important to consider the overall visual appeal of the layout you choose. This means choosing fitted storage that aligns with your interior design theme, and ensuring that this will look suitable in whichever layout you choose.

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