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Using curved features in kitchens

When designing and planning your new kitchen, one of the more interesting design features you could consider involves curves. Curved features in kitchens can be a stunning and visually attractive addition to any kitchen, contemporary or traditional. But how can you use curved design in a kitchen? And what are the advantages of this?

What are the considerations for using curved features in kitchens?

To add curved features to any kitchen you could consider:

  • Using curved worktop ends- rounding the end of your worktops to a curved edge, rather than a simple straight edge rectangle, can be a great way to add curved design to your kitchen. This transforms the overall shape of the kitchen worktops, and can even create a rounded breakfast bar or seating area, if you have space to extend this out beyond the lower level cabinets.
  • Using curved worktops- you can also opt for all round curved worktops that move in a flow around your kitchen. While this can disrupt the straight lines approach favoured by contemporary design, it can be a stylish addition that adds visual interest and intrigue.
  • Using curved apron sinks- using a farmhouse sink in a country or traditional kitchen is a great way to add character and age to the design. But you could opt for a rounded or curved sink to increase the visual interest and create a stunning kitchen feature.
  • Rounded kitchen islands- if your kitchen is large enough for a kitchen island, why not consider a rounded style of kitchen island? From full circular designs, to simple rounded rectangle designs, there are a number of ways to implement this in any kitchen, of any style.

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