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Creating an Innovative Kitchen

A newly laid kitchen floor

Innovation inside the kitchen is crucial. Not only is the kitchen the heart of the home, but it also uses tons of fuel and electricity. When renovating or redecorating a property, innovative kitchen design will make all the difference. Here at Homematas we are kitchen experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you create and innovative kitchen.

Storage conscious

Be inventive with your kitchen storage.

Whether your kitchen is a large L layout with an island and breakfast bar, or a long galley kitchen, storage is critical. In fact, innovation in storage is one of the top things our customers care about. For this reason, we suggest making use of larder pull-outs, swing larders, and carousels. These clever storage solutions mean you can store more items, and hide them away within beautiful cupboards. This will keep your kitchen tidy as well as practical.

Think about Efficiency

Innovation in kitchen design also incorporates efficiency and the environment.

Use reclaimed wood, or cupboards and worktops from sustainable wood forests. This will give your kitchen the edge in terms of design, as well as being super eco-friendly.

In addition, think about resealing all of your window and door seals. This will make sure that your kitchen retains heat and reduces the amount of draughts that will enter. As a result, you will spend less on heating bills.

Furthermore, think about making the most of LED lighting in your kitchen. Lighting along cabinets not only looks great, but is much better for the environment than a usual lighting system.

For more expensive ideas why not try either solar panels or underfloor heating. Both of these can keep your home warm and reduce the cost of energy bills.

Increase Natural Light

Incorporating natural light into your home is good for your health. It’s also great for your bank balance! Using glass doors or enlarging your kitchen window, can increase the amount of natural light. This is perfect for any style of kitchen and brings your outdoor space into the kitchen.

For all of your kitchen design ideas and advice, contact us at Homematas today!