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Different types of baths explained

You can imagine in the bathroom industry that are so many different shapes, sizes and qualities of baths these days.


Where do you begin?


Firstly you have to plan your bathroom layout carefully making

sure that you get the right size of bath and include all the other

main products like basin, toilet, radiator in the right place.

Once you know your layout then you can start to look for your beautiful

new bathroom, that’s when the fun begins.


The most common size bath is 1700×700 which is available in single ended where the taps are mounted in the normal place at the short end.

You can also have what they call a double ended bath where the taps can be mounted along the back wall of the bath, which enables you to reach the

taps better.

Baths are manufactured now in some many different sizes ranging from 1200 right up to 1900 long, widths can be from 650 to 900 wide.

You can even have a low level – easy access bath, at just 430mm high and

fitted with grips for people who find it difficult getting in and out of the bath.


Most baths are made of acrylic they start from 5mm or 8mm thick, others have an encapsulated base board for added strength.

For the better quality bath there are reinforced baths, which are amazingly strong, just like a cast iron bath, but made of acrylic and resin materials.

Also with the reinforced bath you have the added insulation that keeps the

water warmer for longer so you can enjoy a relaxing bath.


We have a few examples on display.



If you want to combine a bath and shower together, there are options

of a shower bath. We have on display an L shaped shower bath with a

screen and easy access door so you can reach the shower & turn the taps

on without folding the screen back.

L shaped





Also we have on display a P shaped shower bath, that as a raised lip on the

curved part of the bath where the screen fits, so water can’t drip on the

floor which is great.





For a bit of luxury there are baths that you can buy made of natural stone

which are normaly freestanding in different shapes and sizes.

The have a range from modern to contemporary which will suit most

bathrooms today. It takes 10 hours to hand polish a natural stone bath

to make it a nice smooth finish.



A lot of bath ranges have a look of thinner edges for bigger internal

bathing space with a classy modern feel.

If you find a scratch in the bath it is easy repaired because of the material

it’s made of.

Don’t forget that you need to buy your bath panels and taps extra for

your bath, that’s my next blog!

So you now have the full range of baths available at Homematas, with a lot

of the above ranges on display.

Visit our showroom today for a look at different options.