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What is a Shaker kitchen?

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Here at Homematas, we are kitchen design experts. From contemporary to traditional, whatever your style, we have something for every kitchen. But what about Shaker kitchens? Once the most popular kitchen type, the Shaker kitchen is making a comeback this summer. But what is a Shaker kitchen? And how can you create the perfect Shaker kitchen for your home?

What is a shaker kitchen?

Shaker design is a specific style of furniture design that is distinctive for it’s simplicity and minimalism. Both of these are design features that are becoming increasingly popular for home owners and property developers around the world.

Storage and shelves

Shaker kitchens place a huge emphasis on simplicity of design and character. As a result, storage is an important part of this type of kitchen, as cluttered worktops ruin the entire effect. Consequently, you should consider using inventive storage methods to keep your kitchen looking perfect.

If you want to be more authentic, you can use a traditional Shaker style peg rail. This is perfect for hanging all of your pots and pans and keeping them out of the way.

Any storage cabinets you use should make use of traditional style handles. These include natural timber, or brass or nickel coloured metals.


Again, simplicity is a key feature of Shaker kitchen design, and when it comes to the colour schemes, this is no different. This means that patterns and tiling features are a no go. Instead the colours selected in a Shaker Kitchen should be muted and neutral.


Natural worksurfaces such as timber or stone are a perfect complement to the Shaker kitchen design. Traditionally, timber would have been used, but granite, marble and slate can wok equally well as a modern twist.

If you want to create the perfect kitchen, take a look at what we have to offer here at Homematas in Preston.