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Kitchen cabinet design styles: Flat cabinets and Inframe cabinets

One of the most important aspects of any kitchen, the kitchen cabinets need to be both stylish and practical. Choosing the right kind of kitchen cabinets to match up to your theme or overall style is incredibly important, but you also need practical cupboard space too. Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to kitchen cabinet design styles.

Flat cabinets

One of the most popular kitchen cabinet design styles is the flat cabinet. That’s because they are perfect for the smooth and flat finish necessary in a contemporary kitchen. In fact, in a kitchen where the cabinets need to have stern, straight lines, flat cabinets are the best option.

Flat cabinets can also be produced in a high gloss finish more easily, and more readily, because the surfaces are all equal. Again, this means that a flat cabinet is the perfectly practical choice when creating a contemporary kitchen.

In addition, because of the flat, smoothness of the flat cabinets, they are extremely easy to wipe clean, and do not require any special attention. As many of us have hectic schedules, this makes flat cabinets the most practical option when it comes to maintenance.

Inframe kitchen cabinets

Almost the opposite of flat kitchen cabinets, these inframe kitchen cabinets have doors that are nested within the frame of the cabinet. This leaves a slight overhang all the way around the edge, with a panel set within this. Some inframe kitchen cabinets also use exposed hinges to add character.

These cabinets are more difficult to manufacture, and as such, can be more expensive than other options, but the final result can be worth it.

With more attention to detail, and indeed more actual detail, these cabinets are stylish and attractive in a range of classic, traditional or rustic kitchens. However, they do not suit a contemporary kitchen because of the additional detail.

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