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Traditional kitchen style guide

Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen experts. But, when it comes to choosing your new kitchen, it can be difficult to navigate all the necessary decisions. From cabinet styles, to worktop choices, it seems as though the list of choices is endless. But deciding on your kitchen style, should be your first step. Do you want a contemporary kitchen, or a traditional kitchen? And while many homes opt for the contemporary, the traditional kitchen is still a strong contender. As a result, we have produced this traditional kitchen style guide.

Traditional kitchen style guide

A traditional kitchen will be different in different homes. But there will always be some common, or shared, features. These include:

  • Wooden cabinetry- either white, painted or neutral
  • Stylish handles to fit the theme
  • Natural worktops or quartz worktops- no Corian or acrylic in sight
  • Inset panels in the cabinet doors

Wooden cabinets

While a contemporary kitchen may sometimes use MDF cabinets and doors, these are usually glossed over, wrapped and varnished to give the appearance of acrylic. In fact, many contemporary kitchens are made out of acrylic and composite materials.

In a traditional kitchen however, the wooden material choice remains evident, even when it has been painted or glossed. While many traditional kitchens do use white cabinets, these are still clearly made from wood. This adds more character and warmth to the kitchen space, while providing a timeless elegance.

At the same time, some traditional kitchens opt to leave the wood neutral, and this creates a warm, welcoming and relaxing environment. Best paired with other natural effect materials, like natural stone worktops, or stone effect tiles, the traditional kitchen has a timeless charm that will never get old.


Traditional kitchens can use a variety of materials for the worktop choice. From a natural based composite like quartz, to other alternatives like laminate, or natural stone or timber, the traditional kitchen has a wide variety of options, but will stay clear from acrylic based composites like Corian.


If you would like more information, or to view our range of traditional kitchens, why not visit us at Homematas, online, or in store today?