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New Year, New Kitchen?

Here at Homematas, we are thrilled to be welcoming in the New Year in just a few days time. And what better way to treat your family and your home than a whole new kitchen? Especially if you have home development on your mind for 2018. From brand new kitchen styles, to colours and textures fitting for the New Year, kitchen design and development is ever changing, and 2018 promises to be no different. As a result, we have produced this guide to fitted kitchens, so that this New Year, brings the perfect new kitchen.

Set a budget

When shopping for anything you always begin by setting a reasonable and affordable budget. This includes a new fitted kitchen. As a result, finding the new kitchen that is right for you and your home will be much easier, as you will be able to narrow your search to only those kitchens available on your budget.

Fitted kitchens differ exponentially in price. Most of this is down to different materials being used, and more complex processes involved in creating the more expensive kitchens. So if you have a price range to reach for, you will find it easier to succeed.

Choose a style

Contemporary, classic, shaker, rustic and traditional kitchens are all very different. And while there may be some aspects you like from each of the kitchens, you will need to choose just one style to create a cohesive and stylish kitchen.

Contemporary kitchens are ultra modern with high gloss surfaces, handle-less cupboards and curved work-surfaces. They can be incredibly effective in a range of homes. The emphasis is on the minimal so that the sleek and smooth design is not interrupted. However, this means that for some family kitchens, contemporary design is not a good option.

Shaker kitchens also emphasize the minimal, but these are generally made from natural materials. With wood and natural stone, a shaker kitchen is a classic choice for more period properties.

A classic kitchen is a practical option for families with young children. In a range of colours with a variety of design features, a classic kitchen can suit a contemporary or a traditional home. Your cupboards will be equipped with handles, and a spice rack or fruit bowl will not look out of place.

For more information or advice, or if you are ready to begin shopping for a new kitchen, check out what we have to offer, here at Homematas.