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Shaker kitchen design principles

When it comes to your new kitchen, getting the look just right is paramount. Whether its a hardwood, rustic kitchen, or a high gloss contemporary style you want, we have something for all homes here at Homematas. In fact, we are Preston’s leading kitchen experts. And this includes the Shaker kitchen. As a result, we have produced this guide to Shaker kitchen design principles.

What is a Shaker Kitchen?

One of the more unusual kitchen styles, the Shaker kitchen is different to both the traditional and the rustic kitchen, although it does share some traits.

Shaker kitchens emphasize plain design and natural and neutral colours. This can make them the perfect choice for homes where a traditional white kitchen suit just wouldn’t fit. It also means that you wont find any decorative edges or patterned designs in a Shaker Kitchen. Instead, the emphasis is on the simple design, and the natural materials.

Shaker kitchen design principles

There are a range of design features that make Shaker Kitchens unique. These can include:

The cupboards

Plain fronted, with no embellishments, Shaker kitchen cupboards are straight-forward and hassle free. And in a Shaker kitchen, there tend to be a lot of cupboards, simply because of the style.

To complete your Shaker kitchen, you should make sure that you only use cupboard handles made from a natural material, like nickel or brass. And you should use plain tiles instead of patterned tiles.

Colour schemes

Shaker kitchens are free from patterns and designs. This is because they emphasize simple design and the natural materials, and any patterns would detract from this focus. However, colour can be used to good effect in a Shaker kitchen, especially if you use natural or neutral colours. Beiges and creams, browns and greys can all be very effective, as can some muted pastel colours.

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