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Shaker Kitchen

From traditional to contemporary kitchens, we have something to suit any style or theme, here at Homematas. We are Preston’s leading kitchen design experts, and we provide a huge range of stylish kitchens. One of the more unusual kitchen styles, although it used to be the most popular, is the Shaker Kitchen. But what is the Shaker kitchen?

Shaker kitchen design principles

Shaker kitchens have a simple design that emphasizes character and texture. They use a lot of natural materials and neutral colours to keep things looking simple. They also avoid overly decorative features.


Shaker kitchens generally have a range of cupboards and a good amount of storage. These cupboards are generally made from timber or natural effects. As a result, to continue the effect and finish off your Shaker style cupboards you should opt for traditional style handles like timber, brass or nickel metals.

In addition, because of the emphasis on simple design, you should aim to keep your kitchen free from clutter. Otherwise you risk spoiling the overall affect of the Shaker kitchen.

Colour schemes

Patterns and features are not present in a Shaker style kitchen. This is because of the emphasis on simplistic design, and patterns would detract from the simple effect. The colours instead will most likely be neutral and natural colours, or perhaps muted pastels.


Material choices for the worktops in Shaker kitchens tend to be all natural. Especially if you want to create an authentic feel to your kitchen. Traditionally, work surfaces would have been timber, but granite and stone can be just as visually effective.

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