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The practicalities of a traditional kitchen

While many homes are looking at the contemporary kitchen, the traditional kitchen is still as popular as ever. This is because the traditional kitchens has a range of advantages for family homes. And, these kitchens, can also be incredibly stylish. Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen experts. As a result, we have produce this guide to the practicalities of a traditional kitchen.


The practicalities of a traditional kitchen are endless. Some of the more common features include:


While a contemporary kitchen focuses on using storage to hide your items and keep your kitchen looking bare, the traditional kitchen knows how to rock the fruit bowl and spice rack. A windowsill of kitchen herbs and a pots and pans rail will never be amiss in a traditional kitchen, and in fact, will simply add to the homely and welcoming feel of the kitchen.

Material choices

A contemporary kitchen uses high gloss finishes on most of the cabinets and cabinet doors. And this can look incredible. But it is also completely ruined by sticky fingerprints and smudges. If you have children the high gloss finish is not going to be a great choice. Instead, with a traditional kitchen, you have a full range of cupboard material choices. From wood to laminate. And, the finish is likely to be matt, which means less noticeable marks on your cupboard doors.


While a contemporary kitchen requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking so incredibly shiny and reflective, a traditional kitchen is essentially low maintenance. You wont generally find surfaces in a traditional kitchen that require a completely different cleaning ritual to the rest of your home. Unlike the solid surfaces found in contemporary kitchens.

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