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Steps to purchasing fitted bathroom furniture

Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading bathroom experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the important factors when purchasing fitted bathroom furniture.

What are the important steps for purchasing fitted bathroom furniture?

To make sure that your new fitted bathroom furniture is right for your space, and will provide everything you need, there are a number of steps you will need to take. These include:

  • Measuring your space- before deciding on a layout it’s important to measure your space carefully and thoroughly. Fitted bathroom furniture fits exactly into the space available, especially when this wraps around corners or joins on two walls. As a result, you need to ensure that your space is large enough for the fitted bathroom furniture that you want. To achieve this you should consider creating a floor plan to scale.
  • Checking your plumbing- you will next need to measure and mark out where the plumbing is in your bathroom, making the distinction between waste pipes and water feed pipes, and making sure these are identified for the different fixtures too.
  • Choosing your furniture- at this stage you can begin to shop around for your fitted bathroom furniture. You will need to choose the colours, design and style that will best meet your requirements. For a contemporary bathroom, your fitted bathroom furniture should be sleek and smooth with no embellishments, while for a more traditional effect, panelled doors can be the most effective option.
  • Working with the professionals – finally, it’s important to choose a company you trust to purchase your fitted bathroom furniture from, and to install this too. Professional fitting of fitted bathroom furniture can make a lot of difference to the overall result.

Here at Homematas we offer a wide variety of Calypso fitted bathroom furniture. This is high quality, stylish bathroom furniture that provides a high end, attractive finish to any bathroom space. For more information or advice get in touch with Preston’s bathroom experts today, here at Homematas. Or why not take a look at our range of bathrooms, and fitted bathroom furniture online?