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What to expect from a contemporary kitchen

Contemporary kitchens can be stunning. From white to black, these glossy modern kitchens can look stunning across the entire colour spectrum. And with cleaver tweaks, no two contemporary fitted kitchen will look exactly the same. But there are certain design features that you can expect to see reappearing. And here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen experts. As a result we have produced this guide to what to expect from a contemporary kitchen.


In a contemporary kitchen, you are unlikely to see a fruit bowl on the side, or a spice rack on the windowsill. In fact, most contemporary kitchens are designed in such a way that items like these will have their own special compartment. Pull out larders hidden between two appliances, and cupboard doors opening onto a variety of drawers are two of the common storage features of contemporary kitchens. That’s because in a contemporary kitchen, the design emphasis is on smooth, clean and functional.

Curved edges/straight edges

Contemporary kitchens tend to go one way or the other. Either everything is perfectly linear and straight, with sharp lines. Or worktops have smooth statement curves that really draw the eye. Either way, the effect can be stunning.

Handleless cupboards

If you want to create a kitchen that focuses on smooth lines, handles might not fit into your plan. In fact, many contemporary kitchens do not use handles for cupboards at all. This leads to a clean and smooth finish that really looks impressive. And cupboards with touch open and close features are the perfect addition to any contemporary kitchen.

Glossy finish

Whichever contemporary fitted kitchen you decide on, you can expect a glossy finish. This is a style seen across the majority of contemporary kitchens, with an emphasis on create a light and airy space.


If you are ready to begin searching for your next fitted kitchen, take a look at what we can offer, here at Homematas.