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Layout and storage for an open plan kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen space, an open plan kitchen can be a stunning and impressive option. But if you are thinking about knocking down some walls to create a large, open plan kitchen space, there are some things to consider. Here at Homematas, we are Preston’s leading kitchen experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to layout and storage for an open plan kitchen.

The layout of your space

In an open plan kitchen, you will need enough space to create zonal areas. Whether you go for a traditional or a contemporary kitchen layout, part of your kitchen will need to prepared for the practical aspects, while another part will be geared towards eating and relaxing. With these kind of zones in mind, when designing an open plan kitchen, you can see that the layout will be very important.

Square or rectangular kitchens remain a popular option, but an unusual kitchen shape, like an L or a P can be more beneficial. The natural corners in this design can give more privacy for food preparation and cooking in an open plan kitchen. So make sure you thoroughly research your layout choices, before you jump in.

The triangle

Whichever kitchen layout you decide on, you need to remember the triangle. This is a design rule that creates a triangle between the sink, the fridge, and the oven. The three most popular places in a kitchen. The space within this triangle needs to be free, with no obstacles. This is because you will often be carrying things from one of these points to another, and having to walk around an obstacle each time will become incredibly irritating.


In an open plan kitchen, your eating and cooking area are altogether. While this can make your home look like a magazine showpiece, it also means that your kitchen needs to be spotless, at all times. Things left out on the side can detract from the overall impression of your kitchen, and so storage is essential.

Clever storage solutions, like magic corner cupboards, pull out larders, and draws inside cupboards can make sure that when you sit down to eat, you aren’t facing a messy and untidy kitchen.

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