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Colour combinations for tiles and cabinets

Installing a new kitchen can be a great opportunity to breathe new life into your home or property, and create a vibrant and unique space. No matter the size or shape of your kitchen, you can create something special. If you plan carefully and follow set design principles. From the worktops to the kitchen sink, the design and style of your kitchen can be altered to suit your preferences. And one of the most important decisions is the colour scheme. So what are the effective colour combinations for tiles and cabinets, and how can this transform your kitchen?

What are the effective colour combinations for tiles and cabinets?

Deciding on a cabinet or unit colour can be as simple as choosing a plain white suite. But don’t you want to inject some personality into your kitchen too? Well, pairing the right colour cabinet, with the right colour tiles can help you do just that. So whether you opt for white and black, or something more unique, it is essential that you choose the right colour tiles to match. Some effective colour combinations include:

  • White units with black tiles- and vice versa. A monochrome kitchen will always look incredibly stylish. Especially in the contemporary style.If you opt for black tiles, make sure they are glossy. This will help them to reflect the light, and it can help the space seem brighter.
  • Cream units with beige and brown tiles- For a traditional or rustic kitchen, you cant beat a neutral colour scheme. Creams, beiges and browns create a natural blend of colours that are warm and welcoming. Paired with a hardwood worktop, or timber effect floor tiles, these colours are even better.
  • Blue units and white tiles- and vice versa- High gloss, deep blue units are growing in popularity. And set to a backdrop of white tiles, they will stand out further. For a contemporary kitchen, this type of colour scheme is perfect to add a touch of fun and originality.
  • Red units and white tiles- and vice versa- Red units can be effective either in a matt finish for traditional kitchens, or a high gloss contemporary style. Either way, pair with white to keep the red vibrant and bright. Darker tiles can make the space feel dull instead.

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