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Contemporary Kitchen Design

New kitchen install

Central to the home, your kitchen is the perfect place to showcase your design skills and utilise colour and texture like no other room in the house.  But why opt for a contemporary kitchen? Here at Homematas, we know how crucial the perfect kitchen design is to your home and this is our guide to contemporary kitchen design.


Contemporary kitchens are the perfect way to bring a variety of colour and personalisation to your home. From rich purple to various shades of blue, contemporary kitchen design utilises all colours and shades to give you a real choice for your home and kitchen. The material choices for contemporary kitchens include a much larger range than those for traditional designs and this range of materials encourages the wide selection of colours, with a rich purple colour for example appearing differently depending on the material chosen for your kitchen units.

kitchen colour


A contemporary kitchen design naturally means that there are a wide variety of options available for cupboard finishes including high gloss, matt and wood, which are often the most popular. Matching the colour to the finish is important as obviously the colour will appear different in relation to the finish itself; a glossy rich purple won’t look the same as a matt purple.

Innovative design

Contemporary kitchen design also includes innovative design features aimed at saving space and making your kitchen a more practical place. This includes magic cupboard designs, wheeled cold storage, and space saving shelf systems.

In summary

Contemporary kitchen design offers a wide range of colours and finishes perfect for creating a unique personal kitchen, while also balancing the practical features with innovative storage solutions. Contemporary kitchens can often provide a stunning visual effect to your home, blending colour and texture perfectly. Take a look at our range of contemporary kitchen designs today.