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Top 3 Kitchen Layouts

Here at Homematas, our 25 + years of experience have shown that the kitchen is one of the most important considerations for homeowners and property developers alike. When it comes to installing a new kitchen, there are many aspects to decide upon. These include colour, style, and layout. This is our guide to the 3 most popular kitchen layouts.

Galley Layout

A galley kitchen is a narrow, long rectangular shape, occasionally with a small L-shape at the end. For this reason, they are often called corridor kitchens. Making great use of a small space, galley kitchens line countertops parallel along each side, and leave a walkway in the centre. This means that all of your storage is easily accessible and there are no awkward, hard to reach cupboards. Perfect for small homes and apartments, the galley layout is always a popular option due to the effective use of space.

Horseshoe Layout

Again, the horseshoe layout is perfect for smaller kitchens, although instead of a rectangular shape, the kitchen tends to be more square. Lining cabinets and cupboard space around three of the walls, the horseshoe layout makes it easy to work from the centre of the kitchen. In this layout, everything you need is available around the sides of the kitchen. Practical and efficient, the horseshoe kitchen is also a popular layout choice for large kitchens. In a larger horseshoe kitchen, a dining area or breakfast bar can also be incorporated.

L Shape Layout

Extremely popular with larger kitchens and kitchens utilising an island design, the L shape kitchen is open plan and perfect for entertaining guests or socialising. With kitchen appliances and storage along two of the kitchen walls, a large table or an island fits perfectly in the middle of the room. An additional bonus is the extra storage provided by the kitchen island.

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In summary

Kitchen layouts have important practical and usability considerations, but we are certain that a perfect layout for every home exists. The horseshoe layout, the galley kitchen, and the L-shaped layout are among the most popular choices. Why not take a look at our range of layout options today?